Monday, May 17, 2010

Devil's advocate

Here's one of Kristen's non-fermented graduation presents.  (I'm not entirely sure how/where to post Kristen and the Pomeranian Ranch.  And I think everybody's read it.)

I think I've finally figured out this "right side out" thing for crocheting in the round.

This is the Creepy Cute Crochet devil in blue and with safety eyes instead of...some sort of clay thing.

I really like the amigurumis in Creepy Cute, but I'm still having a hard time with the patterns.  The body's all right, but the head...well, let's just say this particular devil landed on his head after the Fall.  I ended up doing basically what I did last time--using Amigurumi World when necessary.

It's the goatee that really makes him demonic.  Like Vader's felt details, I skipped painstaking, dedicated needlework and went straight to hot glue gun.

The collar is crocheted using the Creepy Cute pattern, but the rest is felt.  I'm still not entirely sure I've figured out the "tr, sl st in first two loops of tr".

Here he is with an officially licensed Duke Blue Devil.  The difference is the official Duke mascot is, I shit you not, a man dressed as a devil, while mine is an actual devil who is blue and enjoys Duke basketball.

Also, here is the framed Space BFFs ♥ .

I really think Kristen could've gone with a gayer frame, but apparently this one was a wedding gift.

This caused Kristen's mother-in-law to ask if I knew where the term "slash" came from, and I said I did, and attempted to explain the sad reasoning behind Space BFFs ♥ .  Which caused my mother to ask what we were talking about.  General consensus was that my mother is better off not knowing about 40+ years of erotic Star Trek fan fiction.  I don't even know where to begin to explain Star Trek slash to my mother, and Kirk/Spock is basically canon.  And by "basically canon", I mean William Shatner totally ships it, and he should know, right?

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