Sunday, April 17, 2011

You can't hug your children with nuclear wessels

Craft Hope finally has a project for which my pathetic skills are proficient: bracelets for Russian orphans.

Since the deadline's not until June I might get out the extra yarn, but right now I've got 2,000 pony beads and some elastic cord.  

Half of them glow in the dark because why would you choose anything else when you could have glow in the dark beads?  Damn right you wouldn't.

I couldn't get a picture of them actually glowing, but if you were at this year's Vendredi Gras you probably have a good idea of how awesome it is.

This pile and bucket are from one bag of glow in the dark beads--$2 at Ben Franklin.  Well, not the bucket which I think it from Chinese food.

Bag 2: neon colors.  Some of the neon bracelets will include glow in the dark beads.  Those are for special orphans, like Harry Potter or Batman.  Actually, young Bruce Wayne, forever scarred by his parents' murder, can buy his own pony bead and elastic cord factory.  He gets nothing, not even this swell rainbow bracelet with glow in the dark purple.