Monday, June 30, 2014


 Apparently I've been so caught up in the fun and excitement of being underemployed that I never posted Rammy.

Rammy was made for Kristen's birthday.  Nothing says "Happy Birthday, UNC Legal Staff" like turning a Kid Robot Mini Raffy into a bootleg UNC toy.

When I first imagined the Raffy to Rammy transition, I considered sculpting beautiful Carolina blue horns.  Fortunately this delirium passed, and I bought a paint pen instead.

After Rammy's face was completed, Rammy was decapitated for fleecing purposes.  This involved gluing pom poms onto a decapitated giraffe body.

The only difference between DIY giraffes and DIY sheep is one's willingness to glue pom poms.  Also, I'd like to thank Munnyworld for not giving this thing the most distinctive feature of a giraffe so that it could easily be turned into a ram.

Rammy now lives happily among the actual licensed rams.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Photo Booth Magnets

Brian and I found a photo booth at the mall on Friday.  Oh, nobody told you?  Going to the mall on a Friday night is totally cool now.

I'm not sure how photo booths still exist now that people's grandmothers have fancier phones than I do, but this one let you choose awesome effects and printed out a big sticker sheet.  Sophisticated trendsetters that we are, we went with 80s.  In the 1980s, everything was neon, and now so are we.

Harnessing the power of technology, I scanned the sticker sheet.  According to the booth, the sheet could be peeled off and folded in half and then torn to pieces or something (I've only made it as far as "peel and stick together").  On the back of each of the four pictures is a collage of all four images.  This probably doesn't make any sense since I've tried and failed to explain it to Brian multiple times, but the collage is in the lower right corner.

Here are the three respectable pictures and the smaller versions to be made into magnets with the necessary materials: business card magnets and scissors that cut well, but that you won't really care if you ruin them with adhesive magnets.

The small pictures and the magnets aren't quite the right shape, but I didn't want to deal with a huge magnet sheet that I wouldn't use all of.  Cutting carefully, it's possible to save a little magnet end.  Peel back the white backing just enough to put the picture down, then use the paper to press the picture to the magnet.  This also prevents fingerprints, so you can also use the magnet backing to hold the picture/magnet while you trim off the extra.

I may try to find a screen protector to put on top of the pictures so that they can be more functional magnets instead of "potentially smeared with everyone's grubby fingers."  I thought I still had some, but apparently I've been lovingly treasuring the package the screen protectors came in.