Monday, June 30, 2014


 Apparently I've been so caught up in the fun and excitement of being underemployed that I never posted Rammy.

Rammy was made for Kristen's birthday.  Nothing says "Happy Birthday, UNC Legal Staff" like turning a Kid Robot Mini Raffy into a bootleg UNC toy.

When I first imagined the Raffy to Rammy transition, I considered sculpting beautiful Carolina blue horns.  Fortunately this delirium passed, and I bought a paint pen instead.

After Rammy's face was completed, Rammy was decapitated for fleecing purposes.  This involved gluing pom poms onto a decapitated giraffe body.

The only difference between DIY giraffes and DIY sheep is one's willingness to glue pom poms.  Also, I'd like to thank Munnyworld for not giving this thing the most distinctive feature of a giraffe so that it could easily be turned into a ram.

Rammy now lives happily among the actual licensed rams.

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