Saturday, May 22, 2010

Circle takes the square

Today's project: making cross stitch patterns and making Etsy listings for said cross stitch patterns.  If you know someone who enjoys cross stitch and Pokemon, perhaps they would enjoy stitching a Bulbasaur?  And if it's me, I like Squirtle.

Meanwhile, I've been scrapbooking pretty hard, but I assume nobody wants to see pictures of what I'm doing with pictures?  Even if I make it into a Pimp My Ride style macro?

I'm also getting my ass handed to me by a dog bed pattern.  And not just because I'm making it for a cat (and maybe a dog who is willing to buy her own yarn).  I think I've managed to screw up Motif 1 (on cat) at least three times.  The only reason there are only two failure squares is because there's been a lot of unraveling.

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