Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scissors beat paper

Good news, everyone: I figured out that I can use my comic and manga trading cards for things other than sending obscene stick figure drawings to Kendra!

For example, I can use them to giggle moronically at how "clever" I am.  See, because they're both princesses?  Who beat the hell out of people?

Also, tonight's project has reminded me of Kitana's epic side-boob.  But the important thing is that's it's not as enragingly stupid as Catwoman's MK costume.  Or the fact that they gave Catwoman Fatalities.  Basically, MK vs DC was lazy and manipulative.

Wonder Woman's background is something that came up in a GIS for "Greek column".  I used MK stages for Kitana and Sindel, but possibly not MK3/UMK3 stages because the nerd-line had to be drawn somewhere.  Especially after the time I spent carefully cutting out a wallet-sized print out of a Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman drawing.


  1. Nice scrapbooking stickers thar!

  2. They can be used for other things! Who says they can't?