Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Venus Love Me Chain

Last year Kendra and I had a joint Sailor Moon birthday party because we're ten year olds from 1996.  I've been snagging stuff from Manga Style and Lycentia's SM Graphics to use for scrapbooking, and then I realized something: these little drawings would probably fit on my totally radical artist sketch cards.

Step one to being an awesome manga sketch card artist when you can't draw: Print shit off the internet

Step two: Glue it to your manga sketch cards

I don't know if my handwriting+gold pen is at all legible, but Venus is reminding you that she's not just another pretty blonde.

I'm definitely sure that Venus is Kendra's favorite.  Some of the others...

Kristen gets Mini Moon because Kristen likes pink.  Basically, if Kristen had ever designed her own Sailor senshi, it would've basically turned out like Sailor Mini Moon only taller and less annoying.  And possibly with another shade of pink instead of red.

I really hope the letters on Saturn look better in real life than they do in this picture.

I went for this extremely topical and not at all likely to be dated by the time Jamel gets this in the mail reference since Saturn's in the anime so rarely that she doesn't even get a transformation sequence.  I could probably have looked up her attacks and maybe come up with something, but I'm lazy.  And it's not like this is Harry Potter where Jamel would demand that I step up (and obscurity be damned!).

I thought Pluto was Bridget's favorite, but apparently I was wrong. Or Pluto's her favorite Outer and Venus is her favorite Inner.  The point is, I didn't see her comment on Facebook until after I'd sealed the envelope.

I also considered "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and some Dead Scream based joke that never really worked out, but, like Communism, was totally awesome in theory.

I don't care what the haters (like Kristen) say: Jupiter is awesome.

This caption took forever.  I am very disappointed in the English language for lacking potentially amusing phrases about thunder, lightning, and electricity.  Especially ones that make sense and/or fit on bargain bin comic and manga trading cards.

Which, other than my inherent awesomeness (something else I share with Sailor Jupiter), is why I combined My Fair Lady with Sailor Moon.  I am dreaming the impossible moon cosmic dream action, people.

All of the backgrounds are from Sailor Moon SNES video games. The pink lacy one is the same picture, printed out at different sizes. I still desperately miss my old, pre-Vista/7 image software that would let me adjust the size of pictures to anything I wanted instead of giving me options in normal people photo sizes.  My printer doesn't understand that I have evolved past printing out photos, and now need to do super important things like print out pictures of cartoon characters and painstakingly cut them out with embroidery scissors.


  1. Hey, *I* totally get the Jupiter/My Fair Lady comparison. Props for managing to make Jupiter relevant!

    Kristen's ideal Sailor Scout also has all the scalps from the other senshi she's killed off, if we're going by that SENSHI-O-MATIC 2000 I found a while ago.

    V is my fave nowadays, but there was a shameful period of time where my dorky middle-school self identified with Mercury. TERRIBLE.

  2. I have been and always shall be a sad, pathetic nerd, but I never I identified with Mercury. She actually studied. Oh, and she's the worst one.

    You can't sass Jupiter if your favorite used to be Mercury. Sailor Moon Says!