Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picnic food without end

I should really stop looking at This Is Why You're Fat for recipe ideas, but deviled eggs on top of deviled eggs.  And since I'm pretty sure that eggs come in more than two sizes, that means I could create some sort of infinite chain of deviled eggs to stuff in my craw (I'm better at shoving deviled eggs in my mouth with reckless abandon than I am at math).


This weekend I went to craft stores instead of watching my sister graduate from law school.  I got another bottle of Wilton Brownie Drizzle on clearance, so I think I might make brownies with peanut butter icing for Lucy's Weekend (or Turtle Mix Sprinkles?).  If anyone's allergic to peanuts, that just means they're one of God's lesser creatures.

I also got the DMC Light Effects Tropical Glow thread pack.  Which is more than I should probably spend on yet more embroidery floss, especially yet more embroidery floss I don't actually need for a project.  But I love the colors, and I'll probably think of something.

Apparently I haven't been able to find any more yellow wool yarn because it's all in North Carolina.  I'm waiting for my mother to be appalled by the fact that it's by Stitch 'n Bitch Nation.

Also, I'm not sure what normal people would use an oval shaped embroidery hoop for, but I'm totally making the Batman logo.  It's the same brand/plastic as the hoop I used to frame my Vaporeon (did I ever show that to you?), except it's the perfect shape for the Batman logo.


The Starter Pokemon were posted on Geek Crafts on Monday, so the theoretical internet dollars should start rolling in soon.

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