Thursday, October 29, 2009

No homo

Hopefully I've scheduled this far enough out for Kristen to have gotten this in the mail and not ruined the surprise.

Earlier this month I talked about doing some MiniPop cross stitch and asking Kristen to help me with some color choices and character selection.

me: Should Kirk's shirt be ripped?
Kristen: no, too gay

Like any reasonable adult, I immediately decided that Kristen needed to be rewarded with her efforts with gay Star Trek cross stitch.  I faced two obstacles:

  1. My incredible laziness
  2. The last scraps of my dignity
I decided I should go with something that one could easily pretend is totally platonic (but is still kind of gay).  This plan would probably have worked a hell of a lot better if I hadn't revealed it to the internet.

Which meant no hand-holding and a severe reduction in hearts and sparkles.

I think you can tell from the picture, but the letters are done in metallic floss, as are the uniform details.  God, I really hate metallic floss, and I always manage to forget how awful it is until I've already started.

As the Sybok, it didn't occur to me that I could easily put a magnet on the back and mail it before I sealed the envelope. (If you want a magnet, just bring it with you next time you're here, Kristen.)

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