Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boldly going forward

This weekend's project: sorting out my colors for this

Original pixel art is here, under Star Trek.  I used Uhura to figure out the other two ladies.  And since I've got a bit more wiggle room than pixel art, it was super-important to me that the dudes got their stupid 60's pant cuffs.  God willing, I will figure out how a decent way to give everybody heels.

(If you notice that somebody's missing, it's because shunning is a Russian inwention.  Down at the bottom are Ripped Shirt Kirk and Fat Day Kirk.)

In what will probably be one of the coolness nadirs of my life, I got Kristen on gchat to talk about DMC colors.  Red was pretty easily taken care of--when in doubt, DMC 666--but we had trouble with the blue.
And we may have gotten distracted by the reference pictures.

I don't think we figured anything out for Vulcan skin tone, or at least not anything I'm happy with.  (At the top of the picture you might be able to see that I've figured out Uhura's.  Maybe.)  This cross stitch definitely makes Spock a different color than the white humans, but some additional internet sleuthing only got me the graph paper pattern without a color chart.  And the only other Spock cross stitch I can find shows him with rosy cheeks, which is offensive to nerds and space racists.

To get an idea for colors, I usually pull up a DMC color chart online before I go digging through my embroidery floss.  Apparently Kristen's screen shows things at a slightly different color than mine, so that didn't help either.  Still, she may be rewarded for her time.  Since she said that Ripped Shirt Kirk was too gay for a Christmas present to the old man, I am wondering if I want to be the kind of person who makes twee gay Star Trek cross stitch to give to their sister.  Ideally it would involve hearts, sparkles, and a pairing she hates so much that she would immediately send me an angry text/chat/e-mail.

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