Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My mother was right: I'm a food pusher.

Today's project: ghost cakes and candy-coated Oreos.  Okay, by "Oreos" I mean Halloween-themed Kroger brand chocolate sandwich cookies, but they 1)were cheaper and 2)have orange colored filling.

Unlike some of my other Wilton specialty pans, the ghost cakes have worked pretty well.  They're a real pain to clean, but last year there weren't any problems with uneven cooking or the ghosts getting stuck.

Thinking about how well the ghost cakes worked last time was obviously a mistake.  I'm not sure if the directions that came with the pan are different from the ones I found online, but there's some uneven cooking issues, as you can see from their bloated stomachs.

Fortunately, I'm only interested in making adorable ghost cakes.  Ideally people would enjoy eating them, but I'm probably not going to, especially since my costume this year is epically unforgiving.

I don't have the materials to do any of the examples shown in the ghost directions, but I really like Giggling Ghoul.  Piping like that is a huge pain in the ass, and I don't have a frosting tip small enough.

Also, I loathe those plastic frosting bags.  I've never been able to get them to work, and I can't find a reusable icing thing like we used to have.  Which is just bizarre considering all the "go green" stuff now.  Why is the only option plastic bags that you have to throw out after each different frosting color when DMC's sending me e-mails about "eco-friendly" cross stitch accessories?

Since I'm not really in a school (and there wasn't a practical way to bring/leave things for coworkers), I haven't had an excuse to break out the Halloween candy molds, and of course this is the year that I find Midnight Black candy melts.

The test run of the cookies was fairly popular, and they're fairly quick to do.  I'm keeping them two colors because the way the mold is shaped, details like the Jack o'lantern eyes are more trouble than they're worth.

I've still got some of the test run cookies leftover, so I need a volunteer to check if they're stale or not.  I may just give them to my dear old parents anyway since the candy's gotten a bit scuffed (see, when you don't actually want to eat any of the desserts you make, you can worry about things like that).

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