Monday, June 25, 2012

I have a PhD in Rainbows

I've got one of those projects where some of my color choices were based on using up yarn I already had.  I did buy three new colors, but the pattern was based around the fact that I had a big thing of Soft White left over from Gwendolyn's star blanket and some Shocking Pink from...well, being related to Kristen.

One of the new colors was Bonbon Print.  For those of you who've been following along, yes, this is all Red Heart purchased before the cancellation of the Scarves for Special Olympics project and no, I'm probably not going to stop using Red Heart as a form of mild protest.  I assume Red Heart would've preferred to keep selling people yarn for their projects, and even if I was actually outraged, the price is right, yo.  When you're making amigurumi--especially for kids--Red Heart is cheap as hell and machine washable.  Sure, you could make it out of 100% Organic Wool originating from college educated sheep, but that's just dumb.  (Again, I am willing to refer to Red Heart as "inexpensive" or "affordable" or say nice things about pretentious yarn in exchange for money and/or swag.)

Anyway, Red Heart has a list of its multicolor yarns with matching single colors.  One of the reasons behind Bonbon was 1)it included Shocking Pink and 2)it included the colors the recipient likes.  Choosing Lavender was based on the highly technical process known as "eyeing it."  We crochet professionals look at things and--using our incredibly sophisticated color theory studies--decide if two or more things look horrible together or not.  (There is another, super exciting MYSTERY SHADE, but I'm trying to keep some suspense in case the recipient figures out who/what this is all about.)

I managed to burn through my big thing of Soft White without even noticing until I suddenly reached the end of it while crocheting.  And on Friday I realized that I would not have enough Shocking Pink to complete another row.  This left two options: buy more Shocking Pink (and probably Lavender just to be safe) or try a color I already had.

Red Heart Super Saver comes in two sizes: Dainty and Massive.  The Willow Lawn A. C. Moore only had Shocking Pink in Massive, which only added to my dilemma.  I was willing to buy more yarn to try to keep the pattern I'd already established, but was there any point "using up" yarn only to end up with potentially more of the yarn than I'd started with?

For the two of you who actually went to the Coordinating Colors link or for those of you who have studied Color Theory, you will have noticed that Bonbon has a turquoise shade in it.  Which I don't have, but I do have I Don't Know The Label Fell Off, a lighter shade of turquoise.

Which is pretty damn close to one of the shades in Bonbon.  Not content to keep scarves from special athletes, Red Heart is also suppressing coordinating shades of yarn.  Feel free to voice your displeasure on Facebook!

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