Friday, June 15, 2012

Well, isn't that special

Since managing to miss every state deadline for the 2012 Special Olympic Scarf Project, I've been checking in pretty regularly to see if the 2013 colors have been announced.  Originally the announcement was going to be made sometime in May.  And then it became "It's May, but it'll happen soon."  And, as you may (ha ha) have noticed, it's June.

The Scarves for Special Olympics Facebook page hasn't given any updates in over a month and dissent is brewing.  As is dissent to the dissent.

I've been staying out of the discussion, but I am with Team Impatient on this one.  And I find it much easier to understand impatience than posting snitty comments lamenting how impatient everyone else is and complaining about "so much negativity around a project that is so good and beneficial."  Which I think ignores the fact that some people and groups have planned on knowing the mandatory yarn colors by a certain time--either based on when their group meets, how fast individuals knit or crochet, and when they would need to start working on crafting for gifts/other obligations.

  What Smiley Face definitely seems to miss is that everybody who's posted--whether on Team Impatient or Team Holier Than Thou--is just happy to help out.  Everyone who's posted on the Facebook page or sent an email to either Red Heart or the Special Olympics wants to help--but they can't because no one can start until they know the 2013 yarn colors.  The way the project is set up, every scarf has to be certain dimensions and include two Red Heart yarn colors. Which is really the only way to make sure every athlete gets the same colors, but it also means that, unlike a lot of other charities, there is no way to do anything until the colors are announced.

Despite Edna's reassurance, this is still about as passive-aggressive as writing a blog post about ladies getting pissy about the Special Olympic Scarf Project.  I assume Edna's a parent, because "thos of us who take on this project" (and an earlier comment of "The folks who will work on the project will make sure the job gets done.") has that note of motherly scorn/disappointment.

And I don't think Edna really understands as much as she thinks she does because I don't think it's negative to say you need to find another project for the summer.  Hell, finding another cause that doesn't have specific, unknown requirements is at least slightly better than spending your days refreshing Facebook and sighing to the internet about how much you would like to start doing good.  Or at least better than scolding other people on Facebook.

So, if you are crafty and want something charitable to do while waiting for Scarves for Special Olympics:

  • Snuggles Project--Knit, crochet, or sewn blankets for shelter animals
  • Project Linus--Handmade blankets for ill or traumatized children
  • Many charities collect/distribute hats for the homeless, but I recently saw that wool socks are greatly needed.  Scarves, gloves, and children's toys would probably be good items for upcoming winter charity drives.
For children/teens, items for boys are especially needed.  Teen girls probably do slightly better, but a lot of charitable crafters/shoppers want to buy pink girly stuff.  

For shelter animals, make sure whatever you make or donate can survive the industrial washer and dryer.  As a bonus, you don't even need to bother washing it before you send it off because it's going straight to the laundry room anyway.  

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