Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Special Update

Last week I posted about the delayed color announcement for Scarves for Special Olympics.  And of course the growing dissent among the ranks of knitters and crocheters--some of whom are armed with sharp implements and others with dull hooks.  And the dissent about the dissent.

On Tuesday, Scarves for Special Olympics announced that they were discontinuing the program because it had been too successful.

Last year there were too many scarves, which makes it impossible to ensure that every scarf makes it to either an athlete or an athletic supporter.  Now, I know my quantitative skills rank somewhere between "god awful" and "[weary sigh]", but this does not make sense.

Some of the comments have suggested giving extra scarves to homeless shelters or, to keep them in the program, to coaches or athletes' families.

Other comments have pointed out that it shouldn't take over  a month between "Announcement coming soon!" and "Oops, you guys were too generous.  Program cancelled!"

On display here is one of the things I despise about Facebook: 31 people like this.  We clearly need an "Agree" button for people who wish to acknowledge that they have read something and understand the speaker's point of view, but do not necessarily have positive feelings towards the post's contents.  No, I'm not overthinking this--I'm just one of the only people left who understands what words actually mean.

Between this and Mad Men, Virginia is just so hot right now.

All I can find on this is a forum post from 2009 about extra scarves being sold for a $2 donation (or $5-$20) and a comment from 2011 about extra scarves being sold for $1.  So, apparently extra donations has been a problem in some states for awhile?

I guess what really matters is that I don't have to feel bad about failing to mail last year's scarves in time!

Mine will probably end up going to One Warm Coat or a winter-time clothing drive.

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