Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kate's Kindle Kozy

After a brief tour of Amazon's Kindle accessories, I decided that there was not way I'm going to spend $20-$60 on Kindle protection.  Especially not when I can just google "crochet kindle case" and copy the least ugliest thing that comes up!  (Yeah, everybody got a Kindle this year.  At least everybody who's cool did.)

And by "google", I mean do that and then flip through pattern books at the library.  Then start the project when you don't actually have the Kindle with you.

If I've learned anything from this experience, it's that you should not try to make Kate's Kindle Kozy without the Kindle.  Having the Kindle is a key step to not completely screwing up the size.  Even having the Kindle is not necessarily helpful since I think I had to start this thing 3 or 4 times.

I think I eventually ended up chaining 23 or 24 (you'll hear the cursing if I trust this number later and turn out to be wrong).  The pattern is from alternating single and double crochets, and then putting a single in a double and a double in a single.

As you can see, I also learned that there are only three buttons in the house, and they're all terrible.  Lion Brand claims it's possible to crochet a button, but I assume that pattern is a leftover April's Fools joke that someone forgot to take down.

Today I stopped by A.C. Moore to scout materials for some commissions and found a passable button. A.C. Moore: You can totally just grab buttons and attempt to fit your Kate's Kindle Kozy loop over them, and nobody'll say anything!  Even if you start muttering to the buttons because $3 for one button is fucking ridiculous.  Unless it's, like, a magic button.  Part of its magic would be explaining what makes a magic button different from a regular button.

If you look closely, you can see that I am only using my Kindle for public domain books that seemed the most interesting/potentially horrifying old timey attitudes.  Miss Leslie's Behavior Book has given me such useful information as when to loan out an umbrella (never) and "there is a shocking ungentility, in a lady to speak of taking a 'snooze' instead of a nap,--in calling pantaloons 'pants,' or gentlemen 'gents'" because "[a]ll slang words are detestable from the lips of ladies."

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