Monday, May 28, 2012

Dumb Bunny

Good news: I finished the second Bunny Blanket Buddy!

Even better: I finished the second Bunny Blanket Buddy using yarn I already had!

I am accomplished crafter who is totally prepared to mail off two baby gifts for a cousin who's expecting twins.  Yes, there is absolutely nothing standing in my way of completing this task.

Oh, except for that fact that, somehow, one bunny is bigger than the other.  I have no idea how this happened.  Or what I should do.

My mother, gentle soul that she is, has informed me that no one will notice and that it's a gift for babies, not engineers.

Unsurprisingly, Kristen has agreed that no one will notice.

Better news on the Bunny Blanket Buddy front: since I spent Thursday waiting for children to finish testing, I was able to make the entire head and body of another Bunny Blanket Buddy for another cousin's baby.  Your Federal tax dollars went to me sitting on my ass and crocheting a rabbit/blanket hybrid.

Most handmade toys are made with love.  This one was made with NCLB.  The first two bunnies have embroidery floss faces.  For this one I used some navy yarn leftover from the Special Olympic Scarf project.

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