Friday, June 18, 2010

You're the birthday you're the birthday you're the birthday boy or girl

This year's June birthdays are brought to you by Creepy Cute.

I may be a failure monkey who couldn't come up with a present by the actual deadline or the Sister in Town Deadline, but my devil skills seem to be improving.  I think this time I finally actually did the tail correctly (okay, probably not, but at least wrong in a nicer looking way).

A few more of these and I should be able to level up to making super devils.

Since Tammy had a birthday and I had a belt test, I decided to make her a bribe present.  I considered a baby mutant ninja turtle, but I don't know if she's up on TMNT.  Or, if she is, which one is her favorite.  Which is an important consideration when you're making mutant ninja turtles of any age for someone.  (Raphael, who is simultaneously cool and crude.)  So, regular ninjas.

I don't know if any of my pictures make it clear that I used my R-Pattz Sparkle Yarn, the very same yarn that I used to make my Special Valentine the most sparklingest vampire pot holder EVER.

I went with white so I could give this ninja a tiny black belt.  And because one should never reject a legitimate opportunity for R-Pattz sparkle yarn.

I don't think of this as a crappy picture with weird lighting: it is proof of elite ninja skills allowing even a white, sparkling ninja to blend seamlessly into the lack of shadows.

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