Sunday, June 13, 2010

Turtle Power

There's going to be a sequel to Amigurumi World and Amigurumi Two!, so I need to start saving my pennies or get a job or something.

From Ana Paula's blog I wander onto the Flickr group and saw the best use ever of the sea turtle pattern: Baby Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And I think I've already got all the necessary yarn colors.  Excelsior!  (Pale blue and pale purple felt will probably be my biggest challenge, but everybody knows that Donatello is the worst one, both in artists and ninja turtles.)

By rearranging the accessories and sewing the limbs on in a slightly different position, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to make small teenage versions.

Today's big project: fancying up the flower plot by the neighbors' fence.

Apparently Angry Sun accepted my challenge from last time and decided to be even more of a dick today.  There's nothing quite like digging small trenches in the hot sun while your father sweats enough to turn dirt into mud.

In the first picture you can also see the new birdhouse pole.  I don't know if squirrels can jump from the deck railing onto the little house, but they can shimmy up the pole.

As a delicate lady, I did lady's things, like dig out the loose dirt after my father used the pick and nearly pass out in the sun.  I also added some more plants in once the good dirt was added.  If they thrive, I might take some more pictures once there are actually flowers.

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