Saturday, June 26, 2010

If it means taking a chubby, I will suck it up

Amo's going away for the rest of the summer--including her birthday--so I decided to make her a Good Riddance/Happy Birthday package to bring to the lunch gathering.

The Invincibility Star comes from this pattern, but I completely ignored the "chain 1, join" business.

This fine masterpiece is almost all Kate, with some help from free alphabets and Mini Pop.

I'm trying to decide if I should make this a one of a kind piece for my one of a kind friend Amo, or if there's a market for it on Etsy.  As a scheming, conniving capitalist, I'm sure Amo wouldn't care.

I spent today in the Burg, where we all stumbled over to Goodwill after an Indian buffet.  They were selling 6 Disney cross stitch pieces from a pattern book my mother had--one of the six was the Dumbo the Flying Elephant that my mother made for me (I think she changed the pattern for some reason--I want to say because Dumbo's magic feather was the wrong color--so that's how long I've been demanding extra nerdiness in cross stitch)

If the pattern book hadn't fallen apart/lost critical pages, I would probably have made this Sleeping Beauty one for Kristen.  I was hoping the camera phone would be enough to figure out a pattern.  I might be able to manage Briar Rose, but it's probably less trouble to look the book up on eBay.  Oh, look, here's one.  Although the listed shipping seems pretty steep for what I remember being a pretty flimsy book.

I think selling them as a set is probably a poor choice--the frames are pretty flimsy, and half of them are Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse, and the other three were Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, and Dumbo.  I would've been seriously tempted to get the Sleeping Beauty one--even if I just used it to make an 18ct copy--but $20 for six pieces of somebody else's work for a skill I already have?  Especially after watching that hoarders show on TLC the night before?

There was also this animal alphabet sampler.  It bothers me that there's no A, and N is for Night Owl and X is for foX are pretty lazy, but it has potential.

I initially thought that BJP's relatives were jerks for offloading this since it looks like it was stitched on linen, but Michelle noticed some tell-tale printed lines.  Still, BJP's relatives are kind of jerks.  Based on the date next to the signature, this was probably made for a kid about my age.  Who apparently comes from a family where you actually get rid of things.

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