Saturday, June 12, 2010

Technicolor pachyderms are really too much for me

Since Michelle and Thessaly were going to be meeting people in Williamsburg, and at least one of them loves elephants, I decided to make the elephant from Easy Crochet Critters.  I bought some light turquoise Red Heart yarn awhile back--I think possibly for an Ana Paula Rimoli elephant.

This one is a more realistic elephant (my other patterns are for bipedal pachyderms), and there were fewer pieces to make and sew together--the head and the body are all one piece, starting from the elephant's butt and finishing up at the tip of the trunk.

You can see the color fairly well in this extremely flattering picture of me sewing the legs on.  Kristen helped stuff the legs, but could not be conned into sewing the legs on.

Here the yarn looks like a pale grey/blue-grey.

The pattern says to use 6mm eyes, but those looked too small and beady.  When I make an elephant, I want him to look trustworthy.

And here is the elephant in action.  I may need to send some blunt needles and some yarn just in case the trunk remains a popular hand hold.

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