Friday, January 1, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Gifts--Clone Wars

Growing up, my father made it clear that there were three people who deserved our unwavering respect: James Bond, Captain James T. Kirk, and Superman.  There are some exceptions since James Bond is only considered infallible in his Sean Connery incarnation, and we do not respect Kirk's hair as it is considered a separate entity.

(My views on Superman are considered heresy.)

And since all three of these characters appear in Minipop form, that pretty much settled it (especially since there's also Indiana Jones, Columbo, and the main characters of Seinfeld)

Through the magic of gchat, I called Kristen in for Star Trek color consultation.  Other than 666 for red shirt red, we couldn't really agree on anything.  And when I actually made a Kirk, I completely ignored my own previous suggestions for shirt and skin color.

For the Trek section, as of 11/11 I'm still trying to decide whether to do Scotty or a dead Red Shirt.  I may start working on Bond and do a little test Red Shirt.  The deciding factor will be whether or not I can make X's for eyes read well.

Since I found two DC Comics cross stitch books on eBay, the Superman colors were basically a freebie.

12/15--Ten crafting days left, and I still haven't decided if it's Scotty or a red shirt.  James Bond was the quickest one (really only two colors since the white of his shirt is unstitched fabric).  I attempted to drive myself nuts figuring out the colors for Indiana Jones before I decided that the pixel artist had already done the hard part--making it look like Indiana Jones--so as long as I didn't give him a pink jacket or something, it would look like Indiana Jones.

I know it's Superman, but I feel like he's too damn tall.

Here's the finished group shot, and then some detail shots of Star Trek and Seinfeld.  I didn't realize it until I'd started Jerry that the Seinfeld characters have two spaces between them and the Trek guys are only one space apart.

Despite Kristen's dire predictions, there was no comment about the fact that Mr. Bond is hatless.  Kristen did remind me that she'd suggested Uhura, and I'd told her "no girls in space".  Which is probably something I would say.  I should probably have listened to Kristen instead of creating "Line of White Guys (and Elaine)".

Having done this, I think the thing I'm most impressed with is how a bunch of little squares looks like Jerry Seinfeld.  (Which is more the work of the pixel artist than anything I did)

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