Sunday, January 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Gifts--Baby on Board

Thanks to the magic of scheduled posting, I can talk about people's Christmas gifts without ruining any surprises.

This fall I managed to pick up a lot of baby craft stuff since both a cousin and a friend were expecting.   Since I got a great deal on a pattern book (Ben Franklin's 90% off summer clearance was very good to me), I figured I could make a Christmas gift for Taylor (cousin's baby, born on 9/9/09).

This is all straight from the pattern except for some of the blues.  I think at this point I already own most of DMC's purples, and I just needed to get a few skeins to cover all the pinks.

Since this'll be the third thing Taylor would get from me, I figured I should make something for Taylor's first cousin Carter.  Since Carter's going to be two in January, that ruled out most baby patterns, and I figured I'd give him a few years before actively pushing DC Superheroes.  (I think based on movie and cartoon releases, the boys in my extended family seem to prefer Marvel)

I thought "space" would be a good compromise.  This is from the same book as Taylor's Nursery Rhyme alphabet.  The book also has a dinosaur alphabet, but I thought the repeating letters/dinosaurs would be too boring.

CARTER was put on hold for the Christmas Sweatshop since I wouldn't be seeing those family members.

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