Thursday, July 15, 2010

The two seem to get along very well

The Glee Swap is finished, so now I can devote myself to my other, super important crafting pursuits.

If it's wrong to make a cross stitch of Hot Skitty on Wailord Action, I have no idea why I phrased that "if".  And I should probably thank my loyal customers for making 2/3rds of my Etsy sales Pokemon items.  Knowing me, knowing my math skills (ah-haaaa), you can probably easily figure out my total sales.

Recently Newsweek had an article about the need to encourage creativity.  While working on this project, I decided that I have the sort of creativity that should be stopped.  I mean, sure, Johnny or Sally might learn how to problem solve and build an awesome bridge or cure cancer, but what do I do?

I make a cross stitched tribute to Skitty and Wailord's disgusting, confusing, slightly terrifying love.

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