Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make it sew

My TNG crew is turning into one of those things where actually drawing the whole thing out on graph paper might have saved me some time.

But who needs careful thought when you've got an awesome plan like this one?  As a nice bonus, there isn't really a good place to put Wesley.

Here's Troi's hair just before I had to frog the whole damn thing for being too close to the logo.  Fortunately, unlike the primitive humans of previous centuries, I have evolved to a point where I do this while talking to Kristen on gchat and muttering swears to myself.

But the holiday weekend gave me a chance to actually talk to Kristen IRL, as the kids used to say, and discuss some of the color choices.  Which of course involves pissing and moaning about Medical Blreen.  It's not quite blue, it's not quite green, it's not even really teal.

Here's Troi's hair and eyes with more better spacing, and Riker's headless, beardless body.  Other than a frank and totally not the lamest thing ever discussion of Worf's hair color, this Fourth of July I also learned that we all hate Riker--especially his smug, bearded face.

The Kristen thinks Data should sparkle.  I think she's wrong for the following, super logical reasons: Data is not the Gorn Captain's big, beautiful eyes, and that would be a total pain in my ass to do.

I also finished up that pot holder.  I can't decide if I should've used some black yarn to do the insignia details.  It might also have been smarter to have not done all the details freehand, but live and learn.

For a change of pace, here's my grandma's couch instead of mine for the background.

Once I'm feeling better I need to take a few more (and possibly better) pictures so I can list it on Etsy, but I'm just so tired from lying in bed and drinking grape juice.  Actual grape juice or "baby wine" as I'm now going to call it.

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