Saturday, July 17, 2010

I heard dolphins are just gay sharks.

Back in May I signed up for a Glee themed craft swap on Craftster.  You can see what the other swappers made here.


Here's two little pieces I've done so far with two of my swap partner's favorite quotes.

Tinkerbell's wings sparkle, and there's a sparkle outline around her glow (which is regular cotton floss because otherwise I would probably have started screaming).  I also added a little trail of pixie dust behind her because...well, mostly because I'd already bought pale sparkly yellow (E746).

If I've learned anything from this swap, it's that everybody loves the line about Brittany thinking the square root of four is rainbows.

This is a lighter rainbow than the original magnet I made, using my tropical glow floss.  You can sort of see the sheen to it in the picture.


It's just occurred to me that I've got five days before everything has to go in the mail.  This would concern me less if I hadn't messed up the pattern in a way that caused me more work even before I have to rip out five rounds and try again.  Yes, I messed up five rounds of crocheting by adding excessive stitches.

But I've started the stripe pattern and, even more importantly, planned ahead.  (I'm using a free Lion Brand pattern that has four colors instead of the three McKinley High colors I'm using)  At the moment, the plan is to go BBWBBWRRWRR, and so on.  Maybe I should run this by Kendra as these are also the official colors of Kountz House.


Some more progress on the stripe pattern...

...and my little crochet companion.  Zoot has stopped attempting to scale Arts and Crafts Mountain, but she usually sits nearby when I'm working.


I had an incredible bastard of a headache yesterday which cut into crocheting time.  And then my bastard headache continued all last night, cutting into sleeping time.  Which is how I spent a large chunk of today frantically finishing the bag.

I ended up cutting out two rows of stripes to try to save some time (and I think I made some other changes to the pattern along the way)

As far as I know, this is the closest Zoot ever got to this project.  I figured you'd enjoy a picture of my adorable cat rather than my MySpace style picture of me modeling it.  Also, I think "MySpace" means "I took a picture of my reflection" and not "I used a camera angle that was flattering to my stout arms".

Everything went into a shoe box I found in the attic.  As a nice bonus, it was one of my mother's old shoe boxes, so my swap partner will think my feet are slightly smaller and daintier than they really are.

To protect the cross stitches, I decorated some envelopes (and only took a picture of one of them).

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