Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tipping the velvet

Awesome stuff somebody else makes: Geek Soap.  Why am I just regular-showering when I could be bat-showering with bat-soap?  Why has it taken me this long to realize I could alter my shampoo bottles with a Sharpie and then I can bat-wash my hair?

Tonight's project has been making cupcakes for Steve's birthday and working on a sekrit project.

I'm conflicted about my sekrit project, such as who to give it to and if it really looks awful or if I'm too hard on myself.

But these cupcakes are probably going to be super awesome because I'm using the traditional Simonsen cake recipe.  You insult these cupcakes, you are insulting generations of Simonsens.

Famous Simonsen Cake (Any Flavor)

Box of cake mix
What it says on the box

Do what it says on the back of the box

I originally bought red velvet cake mix so I could live my dream of making velvety chocolate balls.  But it's occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't ask people I've just met if they'd like my balls in their mouth.  Since they don't know me, they're probably unaware of how spectacular my balls are and how much they would enjoy tasting them.

Anyway, making red velvet cupcakes is like turning your kitchen into the opening credits of Sweeny Todd.

For whatever reason, the second batch came out more sublime than I would've liked.

I'm also conflicted on frosting.  I don't really like frosting that much, and I've been told that means I have no soul.  The sublimity of the cupcakes and the fact that I can't find my fancy frosting thing has probably made the decision for me.

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