Monday, April 26, 2010

No, sir, I did not see you playing with your dolls again!

Craftster has been absolutely terrible for my wallet and mountain of unfinished projects since I keep seeing cute crochet things (like these adorable little rice balls and these little Winnie the Pooh dolls for my imaginary nephew).  And I think I've shown everyone who be even vaguely interested these Star Wars amigurumis.

I absolutely love C-3PO in amigurumi form, although I don't think I actually like the character enough to actually buy the pattern and make him.

And I wouldn't say I'm a big Star Wars fan (is there a word for that?), but I would be willing to kick George Lucas squa' in the nuts.   And I know plenty of Star Wars fans (seriously, why isn't there a SW equivalent of Trekkie?)  And I needed a cheap and easy birthday present for this past weekend.

This is  Lucy Ravenscar/Angry Angel's Darth Vader pattern.  I think mine turned out a little bit bigger, so I think if I were to hypothetically do it again for some reason, I'd use 12mm eyes instead of 9mm.
The directions say to sew the cape on, but I had a lot of trouble with that.  And by "a lot of trouble" I mean "I used a hot glue gun".  Pretty much all problems can be solved by a hot glue gun.

I also felt that he needed a light saber.  If you would also like to crochet miniature light sabers:

Using grey yarn, ch 2.  5-6 sc in first chain.

I used the super precise technique of "holding it against the doll action figure to see if it looks right", but I think I did 4 rounds of sc in grey, then switched to red.  Leave a long tail of grey to sew it to the hand.

I used a little bit of black yarn to add the light saber details (some lines on the base and a black line around the "blade").

He stands up by himself, but I think if I were to make one of these again, I'd add something a bit heavier in the base.

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