Sunday, April 18, 2010

These colors may run

My grandparents love America, so I picked up a ball of Sugar'n Cream Stripes (which the Ben Franklin cashier thought was 99 cents like my other two balls of cotton yarn.  Jackpot!) and grabbed a pattern off  The pattern says it's a washcloth, but I figure it could maybe be a pot holder (which they have way too many of already).  Or a dish cloth (of which they seem to have zero).  Or maybe just two big ass fucking doilies.  Big like America's love of liberty.

(The fabric changes color by itself, so I'm not just really bad at stripes.)

It's a pretty quick pattern once you get it started, and if you're lazy and happen to have already made one, you don't really need to do a lot of counting or obsessively keep track of the rounds.

I've also finished my first tribute to Pokemon Red/Blue starter Pokemon.  I very obviously need to iron it, and then decide if I'm going to keep it or put it up on Etsy.

When I discovered that Heart Gold/Soul Silver had overworld sprites for all the Pokemon, my first thought was "more patterns".  Sky's the limit, except trying to backstitch the curl in Squirtle's tail or the details of his shell looks absolutely terrible.  Especially when you try to do it freehand on 18ct.

Charmander is in progress.  If I would actually sit down and work on it (instead of writing all these stupid papers and crocheting washcloths/towels/huge-ass doilies), I could probably get the letters done in about 20 minutes.

I'm also still working on a project from Michelle.  All the letters you see are finished, and once I get more of E-bear's head done, I'm going to start the Y.  I haven't got the furthest part of the bear finished yet, so it'll be easier to do the counting once that's there.

Since the bears are so dark, I may not be able to do the eyes in black backstitch.  I'm leaning towards pale blue, but I'm open to suggestions.

On less dainty and ladylike fronts, I'm still hoping to be ready to test for blue belt at the end of this month (but I may have to postpone the test if we all go out after the last Goth class).

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