Monday, February 4, 2013

Just in time for it to be stupid cold again!

A few months ago, I lost one of my fingerless gloves.  I find this very inconsiderate of me since it would've been much more convenient to either lose none of them or both of them.

My cousin knitted me a new pair.  I thanked her by not mentioning that I'd received them and by crocheting myself a replacement for my defective pair.

Oh, and by making the greatest baby gift any unborn child has ever received.

The last pair used green yarn from another project that kind of matched my wool scarf.  This time I decided to just get the same yarn although the dye lot is slightly different.

The way the colorway comes out is always a pleasant surprise to me because gauge swatches are for conscientious people with too much time on their hands.  My philosophy is measure once, cut once, that's not even, cut again, damn it now it's ruined.

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