Monday, November 12, 2012

Do or do not. There is no cry.

I've learned some things during the year in which everyone got knocked up: you can either agonize over colors or patterns, or you can search your feelings and go with what you know the person really wants.

This summer I messaged one of my cousins to ask when she'd know the baby's gender and if she cared about conforming to society's standards of gendered colors.  She said she didn't really care, would know in September, and the baby wasn't due until February.  Which would be plenty of time for crafting, but I'm working on baby stuff now.  Sorry, everybody, you'll get whatever projects I'm currently thinking about and like it!

This conversation was mostly for other presents for the baby since I know this cousin likes Star Wars.  A few months ago, I told my mother to skip worrying about colors and patterns and just buy Star Wars fabric for the baby quilt (this was after a conversation about whether or not cartoon Noah's Ark animals could be interpreted as a mockery of God's covenant by insane fundamentalists).  I also know that the Bunny Blanket Buddy can be very easily modified to look like Yoda.

The key to getting the most out of Bunny Blanket Buddy is realizing that you basically have a head and a blanket body.  You can make it anything just by changing the ears and fiddling with the colors.

I assume it can be difficult to have an arteest in the family.  I'm making this assumption based on the fact that I sent my sister the following text:

Does Yoda have a frowny face?

She didn't reply, either because she was in awe of my brilliant, imaginative mind or because she was at work while I was sitting at home, embroidering faces and waiting for my car to be repaired.

Sadly, I am now out of this perfect Yoda Green.  Happily, I have successfully used up some green yarn that was just wasting away in a bag.

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