Monday, November 5, 2012

Craft Fair 2: Cruise Control

Next weekend is my second attempt at a craft fair.  This one's at Morningside Assisted Living, so I'm not sure who'll be attending.  People who live there?  Family members of people who live there?  Whatever friends I can talk into coming to visit my table?

Prep work has been limited.  I'm mostly going to be bringing the Lucky Cats, Kindle cases, and other items from the last craft fair.  I've managed to make a scarf and some Christmas hats, but work has seriously gotten in the way of my occasionally profitable hobby.  Well, profitable in the same way as selling drugs in that the majority of the money goes to buying more supplies.  Except as far as I know, drugs are not on sale and there are no 40% off coupons.

Christmas baby hats!  One of these ended up with an extra row in the scalloped section, so it's a little bit bigger.

I'll probably only have one of these scarves, so come early if you want an awesome scarf that sparkles!

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