Monday, February 25, 2013

Mo' babies, mo' crafting

Remember back when everyone was having babies?  Apparently some people I know didn't get the memo that babies are like sooooooo last year.  Which I guess I can deal with since I bought too much baby yarn.  Also, trying to match yarn colors from memory is not a good idea.

Solution: sweaters for everyone!

Apparently one of the challenges of buying clothes for babies is figuring out what size the baby will be at the appropriate season.  Added to this difficulty is the fact that my family produces monstrous children who grow at an alarming rate.

Since this sweater was for my cousin's 10 1/2 pounder, I decided to make the 12 month size.  Since I still don't really understand sizes, I think there's a possibility they could just put this on the baby now and have it fit. I mean, the baby's not going to care if it makes him look bigger than he is.  Based on the free patterns I've been browsing, some parents put their babies in fancified sacks--this kid should just be grateful he has a real garment.

Also, Baby Gargantua lives in Asheville, NC.  I remember it being cold there every damn morning, so this sweater will still be seasonably appropriate whenever it actually fits.

The main sweater is Bernat Baby Coordinates, which is what I used for the first starghan and the award winning baby set.  For the edging/button loop I used Pound of Love Pastel Green--which is pretty much an exact match for the mint green in His Jeans while Baby Coordinates Iced Mint is not.  Yes, that blue, white, and mint colored yarn is called "His Jeans" for some reason.

Leftover yarn=baby hat.  For the last baby set, my mother said the hat looked too small for a baby that would be wearing the sweater size.  I just go with the age on the pattern and assume that everyone can enjoy looking at the nice matching set and then cram the baby into whatever fits at the moment.

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