Monday, January 16, 2012

Our love is WORLD SHAKING!

I've been doing more stationery sets as part of my "actually use the crap you print off the internet" initiative.  I also forgot my camera at my favorite sister's house, so I've also made a trade with a friend: I crochet, she takes competent pictures.

My cunning plan: Sailor Moon Valentines.  The senshi-in-hearts are from a Japanese site's splash page.  Senshi-in-hears are much easier to cut out than my usual favorite pictures, and it occurred to me: I can just rename the listing if nobody wants Valentines.

I did the stars and hearts cards earlier this month...but I could probably refer to them as Valentines until mid-February, right?  Anything with hearts on it counts?

Not only am I a clever entrepreneur, you should probably know that my terrible handwriting is the only thing stopping me from adding inscriptions like, "You give me a Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" or "I want your Love-Me Chain, Valentine!"
(The rest of the pictures are mine.  As you can probably tell.)
"You make me dead scream"

"Don't Deep Submerge your feelings for me!"

"Our love has the power to destroy the universe."

These aren't Valentines, just lesbians.  Or cousins.  I would've included Pluto, but I didn't have a third white card left.  Cards I have left in one of my sets really does determine what I make.  You see, creativity isn't just about having actual talents or coming up with great ideas.  It's also about figuring out what the hell to do with the crappy colors left in your box of blank cards.  Sailor Moon Says!

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