Monday, January 9, 2012

Bag Lady

Jamel has a December birthday, and I found a roll of purple duct tape.

You can find online tutorials for turning a plastic bag into a duct tape bag, but there is basically one step: put strips of duct tape on the bag.  I tried to use a standard grocery bag, but that failed miserably.  If you want a bag that doesn't look like crap, you can't really upcycle those crumpled up grocery bags because they're too wrinkled.  I used a smallish Ben Franklin bag.

For those of you playing at home, turn the bag inside out, cover each side with duct tape, then turn it right side out.  You may feel like you're about to destroy the entire thing--that just means you're normal.  Keep pushing, and eventually the thing will right itself.

Make your strips for the front a little bit longer so you can fold them over the top edge.  Make a strip to fold over the sides and the bottom (to cover up the last of the plastic).

I had this picture of Sailor Saturn leftover from a paper craft project, so I figured that would be relevant to Jamel's interests.  You put the picture on using strips of clear duct tape, similar to how the bag itself is made.

Handles are super hard you guys.  Especially since there's nothing duct tape loves sticking to more than itself.  If you mess up earlier in the project, you can carefully reposition a strip.  Once you fail to line up duct tape sticky side to sticky side, everything is ruined forever.  I had to wrap some smaller pieces around the strap to cover up the sticky sides that didn't quite line up.

Since I had some little scraps of Disney Princess wrapping paper leftover and pink duct tape exists, I decided that I must make something for Kristen.  Even though, as I'm sure you remember, Kristen is the easiest person to shop for.

Same size bag, same technique to get the picture on.  For the handle, this time I cut a long strip and folded it over on itself.  It's probably an improvement, but handles are still hard yo.

Just in case anyone can't figure out who a neon bag with Sleeping Beauty on it belongs to.

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