Friday, May 20, 2011

How thou art fallen from Heaven, O Cake of the Morning

The Rapture's this weekend.  Fortunately my friend's throwing a party so we can all make sure we don't have to go anywhere.  And instead of spending my final moments on Earth in prayer and sincere repentance, I'm making cupcakes.  Devil's Food cupcakes, the most sinful of cakes.  Because I assume that before turning against Cake God in Dessert Heaven, Devil's Food cake was Angel Food cake.

This particular Wilton's icing color (Red-Red. the concentrated gel so nice they named it twice) claims it has no taste, but you really have to dump it in there to get a decent baboon's ass red.

The horns are similar to the Duke Blue Devil Cupcakes I made for Kristen's graduation except Ben Franklin just has bags of Artificially Flavored Cherry Slices Candies.  Two bags is not quite enough to make 24 devil cupcakes, but that does mean two leftover cupcakes that will not require the following explanation: "Uh, well, you know how it was supposed to be the Rapture this weekend?  Well..."

Having looked at the technique for the Duke Devil's Food Cupcakes, I'm now bitterly wishing I'd remembered that I'd used chocolate chips for eyes.

Black cookie icing is a real pain in the ass for super-important detail work.

Some of the devils have red, white, and blue stars on their paper wrappers.  I felt this would represent the status of America as the Great Satan.  Also, Ben Franklin doesn't sell red cupcake wrappers, and Wall-E or Disney Princesses just wouldn't make any sense.

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