Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black and yellow

I've got a good sized piece of Lemon Twist Aida lying around for some reason.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's a Batman related reason since the only things I've made with it so far have been Batman related.

And then in my recent fever delirium, it hit me: The Simpsons.

Like a lot of people in my general age bracket, I have a conflicted relationship with The Simpsons.  I spent 1999-2002 saying, "Well, it's still better than most of TV."  I was in London for a good chunk of 2003-2004, but after I came back it took me a few years to realize that I didn't actually have to watch Fox at 8 on Sundays.  This was still after I'd declared the show dead to me at least five or six times.  Am I going to watch the season finale just to get angry at it?  Yes.  Because it would never occur to me that The Simpsons and I could just go our separate ways.  (Am I being sarcastic?  I don't even know anymore.)

Basically, no one 25-40 can be expected to think rationally about The Simpsons.  We would take a bullet for the first decade (or possibly only seasons 3-8 or maybe 2-7. but definitely not anything after "The Principal and the Pauper").  We would like to hold a pillow over the face of the second and third decade until it stops twitching--but only because we love it.  Like Urkel!

So, if this doesn't appeal to nostalgic Gen-Xers, maybe it'll appeal to those damn kids who don't realize "That 90's Show" was an abomination.

I still need to iron my frontier Springfield sampler.  The alphabet comes from Traditional Samplers, which I really only use for mischief.

I'm trying to decide if a border or some old school animal motifs would make it more cromulent.

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