Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dig and dig and dig and diggity

I'm tired from shoveling mulch.  That's how glamorous my life is.

Once all the mulch is hauled away, then I can dig holes in the dirt and put more flowers in them.

The first two pictures are from earlier in the spring.

The rest are from today.  A smart person would probably have taken pictures before pruning the rose bush.

The pansies and the...other purple things have really taken off, and the lilies seem to be back in full force.  I'm not sure when the lilies should bloom--either June or July, assuming Richmond's angry sun doesn't swoop down and kill everything.

My Chambourcin grape vine did have some little sprouts on it in March or April, but it doesn't seem to be doing too well anymore.  Apparently I can only cultivate useless flowers which, as far as I know, cannot be magically transformed into booze.

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