Friday, February 25, 2011

Fulfilling Facebook PAY IT FORWARD Obligations

Unused Vanna's Glamour+Stash Busting=Jewelry.  Yes, I've apparently become one of those people.  Except I have yarn in Kendra colors which means I can turn Kendra into one of those people.

I assume Kendra's neck is at least as dainty as mine.  

When sewing on snaps, it is very important to make sure the snap is right side up.  "But, Kate, who would be that stupid?" you may ask.  It's actually quite simple--shut up; I'm smart.

I don't know if one could--or should--wear these things together, but I also made this bad ass, glittering wrist band.  I haven't tested it, but based on this picture it looks like it'd be really great for punching people and possibly stopping bullets.

1 comment:

  1. I'm letting you know that the bad ass glittering wrist band DOES in fact stop bullets. Just so you know!

    Also, it may be a while (hopefully before your birthday though) but you'll get something equally bad ass (although I cannot make any claims to it stopping bullets).