Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make it pink

So, as you should remember from last time, GEEKSOAP.

But let's start with the washcloths/dishcloths/massive coasters/totally not pot holders first before I go off on a feminist/video game history tangent.

This is something I started for the Kristen and didn't finish in time for some other gift-giving occasion.  Which wasn't her birthday, so it might be slightly less of a failure.  And I needed the hook, so then I had to figure out what hook size I'd been using.  And what the pattern was.

I could not un-see the completely obvious difference between the original rows and the new rows.  I'm sure after a few moments of staring at this picture, you'll be able to tell that I am insane, but the most important part of handmade presents is deranged perfectionism.

And stars work better with the theme anyway.  Kristen only gets one star to make up for the fact that I just made Steven circles because they don't take very long.

Trying to figure out which of the many available Princess Peach sprites would work the best was challenging.  As I predicted, I eventually just went with the select sprite from Super Mario Bros. 2.  Kristen and I always played as Princess Toadstool for what I assume were identical reasons: she was a girl, and she could fly.  Or maybe she couldn't actually fly, but she could glide on currents of wind.

I spent a lot of my youth desperately clinging to what few female playable characters there were at the time.  There was probably a point in my life where I would have had a definite preference for Ms. Pac-Man despite the fact that she was just Mr. Pac-Man in drag (did you know that modern children have so little familiarity with the Pac-Man franchise that when you make your own crude worksheet with little drawings, they'll assume that if there's Ms. Pac-Man, there must be Mr. Pac-Man?)

I decided that there had to be Yoshis.  And since Yoshi is apparently two separate sprites, and I'm lazy, delicate lady's Yoshis!  There was a brief moment of "Peach riding Yoshi from Super Mario World, but I don't really like those sprites for Peach.  (And now that I have mentioned this, it is only a matter of time before Kristen demands such a thing.)

As you can see, I quickly gave up trying to center the Delicate Lady's Yoshis since that involved too much math.  I considered the blank space and decided to put in Kristen's favorite kind-of-a-vegetable: mushrooms.

I toyed with the idea of making them pink since, duh, Kristen, but then I remembered the soap that had started this whole thing.

Here's a detail of Peach.  The crown is metallic and so is the brooch on the front of her dress (or whatever that blue thing is).  The blue thing is just a single French knot because there didn't seem to be a better way to do it in half or full stitches.

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