Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey! Listen!

 The theme for this year's presents: I felt I had to get you something, and you smell bad.

Given my utter lack of time, social skills, and ability to feel anything for other people around the end of the semester, I decided that this was the holiday to get video game themed soaps for Steven and Kristen.

I looked into a bunch of things and finally went with GEEKSOAP.  I originally thought of getting controller shaped soap, but I decided that paying $10 for a bar of soap that looks like a video game controller is stupid.  Especially since that bar of soap will slowly gather dust until some sort of bathing emergency (and even then there's a good chance they'd just use shampoo or washing up liquid or something rather than damage SNES shaped soap).

I'll concede that Digitalsoaps look amazing...but I just can't bring myself to spend that much money on soap.  Even soap that looks like the Duck Hunt gun I was never fortunate enough to have.

With Steven the answer was obvious.  Well, mostly obvious.  I briefly considered the life meter bar for contrast (see entry on The Kristen).  But it's probably weird to give your brother-in-law something with hearts, and I could at least spring for full health.

The plan: buy soap, make towel and washcloths at least vaguely related to acquired soap.

You know how last year I basically gave everybody the exact same scarf but in different colors?  Well, here's the washcloth I'm giving everyone!  Recipients so far include my grandparents and Tammy.

What's nice is that if you don't want a washcloth, it's a dishcloth!  Or a large coaster!  Or possibly a trivet!  But not a potholder since it's full of holes and made of cotton.

After a lot of counting and math, I realized I could fit four Links on the visible part of the towel.  I asked myself, "Is Steven the sort of person to care about depicting the Links from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures with sprites from  The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Zelda?"

And then I noticed I was cross stitching Purple Link as I pondered this important question.

Late in the project I contemplated making bare-legged Links so I wouldn't have to worry about getting the backstitching to stay in place.  This was mostly to distract myself from trying to figure out the mouths and eyes (see Kristen's present).  Also, I thought that would be potentially hilarious.  Maybe next year.

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