Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stuff I've recently made

 A wine bag for Jamel, full of her favorite racist wine.  Well, half full.

An elephant for Thessaly to replace the one whose trunk was horribly gnawed and whose tail was either chewed or pulled off.

Did I take a picture of an elephant using the MySpace angle?  You bet your ass I did.

A pill and some soap for Dandan.  I like making soap.  It's pretty easy--even someone like me can quickly whittle a little cross like that--and it makes people wonder if I feel their personal hygiene isn't up to my rigorous standards.

Karate belt displays for Kate.  The cases are doll/toy display boxes from Michaels which at the moment are 50% off, making them much cheaper than actual acrylic belt displays.  And these are big enough that I finally found something to do with all my belt test certificates as well!

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