Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Zoot Yarn

  For my birthday, to make up for pissing me right the fuck off with a gag gift, my sister gave me some Zoot yarn.  Which is not yarn made from Zoot's fur (thank god), but yarn in Zoot colors and with a kitty on the label.

Since I've been watching a lot of Hoarders lately, it's occurred to me that I need to throw out all of my possessions and start using up my yarn stash.  So, it was time to find something to do with the Zoot yarn.

I tried using the Zoot yarn to practice shell stitch, but the end result wouldn't have looked good.  Next solution: practice making granny squares.

After I reached a certain point, I decided, "I am just going to keep going until I've used up all this yarn."

When this actually happened I decided it would be better to end the row I was working on and to use the leftover yarn to make a cat toy.

The toy is a circle:

Ch 2, 6 sc in the first ch
Inc around (12)
Sc, inc around (18)
Sc, sc, inc around (24)
I think about two or three rows of 24 sc
Sc, sc, dec around (18)
Stuff with polyfill and a little bit of catnip
Sc, dec around (12)
Dec around (6)

For the tail I made a chain, and then did single crochet back down the chain until I reached the ball.  Except I misjudged the amount of yarn I had left so I had to pull out some stitches and make the chain smaller.

Some of you may have managed to avoid this incident, but Zoot swallowed a piece of yarn last week.  I spent a lot of time on the phone with the emergency vet and thinking about how I am history's greatest monster.  Zoot just did cat stuff and spent about a day with an inch of yarn hanging out of her ass.  We have both made a full recovery, but yarn scraps are no longer toys, and this toy is probably going to be supervised play only.  Until I forget how stressful this week was.

Zoot has not deigned to actually sit on the mini-afghan I lovingly made for her.  And why the hell should she when there's leftover dog bed materials available?

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