Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You know that Glee crafts swap I posted about awhile back?  Somebody's partner went missing, so I volunteered to do another package.

I did most of this bag while sitting in traffic on the way to Michelle's.  I dithered back and forth about the yarn, but decided that this way the only possible choice for someone who liked pink and brown together (and natural fibers, since this is Bernat Cottontots)

The handle is Vanna's Glamor gold.  I originally planned to make a gold star using the Super Mario pattern, but the yarn isn't thick enough.  I got through a few rounds of the star before realizing that, even if it worked, it wouldn't work well--the star would be too small and/or impossible to stuff.

I went through a few crochet star motifs before finding a pattern that made sense and was incredibly quick: Crafty Nerd's Star Scarf.  I made two of the stars (in a much smaller hook, but I can't remember what I actually used), and put one on each side.  The handles are rows of 10 (?) double crochet.

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