Friday, September 3, 2010

Gotta catch 'em all

I am now one of the chosen people.  I have found vintage/old fabric at Goodwill.

I found an actually (maybe) vintage Pokemon sheet which is probably worth more just being sold intact on eBay than attempting to be creative with it.  I also managed to get a set of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum era curtains and a matching full sheet.  I think I'm going to actually use the sheet for its intended purpose.  (Is there any point in upcycling something thats still usable?)

One curtain has already been sectioned up.  I was going to make a tote bag/reusable shopping bag, but I think this fabric is too thin to really hold up.  It may eventually become a cat/visiting dog pillow.  One that might actually be washable even!

As for the rest of the curtain, my mother helped me make it into ConKerr Cancer's pillow pattern.  I don't really understand the pattern, but keep in mind I don't actually know how to thread the sewing machine.  I can use it, but I didn't think I was up to the small seams to make the body of the pillowcase (which is another reason for making a cat bed.  The cat won't care if the bed she refuses to sit on is poorly made!)

For the border we used a piece of orange fabric left over from Kristen's owl quilt.  As of this writing, the owl quilt still isn't done, but my pillowcase project inspired the old woman to pull it out of the trash bag it's been living in.  You're welcome, Kristen.

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