Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life's a bitch--now so am I

So, here's where we were last time:

Making the eyeholes was a system of trial and error.  Mostly error.  I started each one individually, chaining about 30, and then single crocheting around until I had an oval of about the right size.  Sewing those onto the mask and to each other helped me get the right shape of the lower part of the face mask (Female Bat-family members tend to have masks that end above their nose.  Or at least the best known female Bat-family members do.)

If I do something like this again--and wouldn't it be great if I could pretend I don't need to make a mask for a different version of Catwoman?--I think I'd try crocheting the eyehole section onto the main mask (rather than doing it in pieces).  Or I'd make the eyeholes smaller.  With the size I ended up with, I needed to safety pin some excess fabric together over the bridge of my nose to try to get the shape right.  If I'd had time, I probably would've folded up the fabric directly over the eye and sewn that down for additional shaping.

As for the rest of it, I picked up the dress at H&M.  I'm sure it will come as a surprise to none of you that I've owned the boots for years.  And had to choose between these and two other, slightly less awesome pairs.  The whip is a cheap Party City prop.  If I'd needed to pick up any major pieces for my Rocky Horror outfit, I would probably have picked up something realer.  Which I'm sure is something you wanted to learn on my craft blog.
 While we're learning, comics writers will often incorrectly refer to Catwoman's whip as a cat o'nine tails, probably for the whole theme thing.

Despite a love of arts and crafts and costumes, this was only my second cobbled together costume (my last one was Comic Night Owl for Kristen's birthday.  It involved swim goggles, a towel around my neck, and a piece of felt bobby pinned to my head).  Although with Catwoman, one of the advantages of completely ignoring accuracy was that I didn't have to wrestle my way in and out of an unflattering unitard if I wanted to use the bathroom.  And the shoulder strap gave me a place to stick my prop cat.

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