Sunday, August 15, 2010

I actually finished something!

I finished my first pillowcase for ConKerr Cancer.  Well, mostly finished--I think I need to re-do the French knots on the end of the antennae and the flower.

For those of you who aren't into needlework, French knots suck.  I was going to say they're the worst thing ever, but then I remembered that I'm talking about making crafts for a charity for children with cancer.

I also decided to suck it up and finish ironing my old fashioned kitchen towels and put the Kitten Chores transfers on them.  I learned that in days of yore, ironing was basically like the internet.  Instead of spending all day on the internet, young ladies like me would spend all day ironing stupid towels.

Ironing stupid towels so I can embroider adorable kittens doing menial tasks!

Apparently "adorable kittens" had a slightly different meaning back in Colonial Patterns Days.  These were days of the week transfers, but there's no way I'm ironing 7 of these damn things.  And having the right towel for the right day of the week is way beyond my organizational skills.

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