Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's-a me!

All of the pictures of my finished costume are on Kristen's camera, so here's the food I brought to Kendra's party.

Since Kendra is gay for Sonic the Hedgehog, I decided I was going to make Mario themed desserts.  And cupcakes are vaguely mushroom shaped.  Well, no, not really, but people like cupcakes, and I had green food coloring.

After using concentrated food dyes for some projects, going back to the liquid grocery store kind is miserable.  I need to just invest in a set of Wilton icing colors or start picking them up by the project.

This green is the result of mixing Regular Green and Neon Green food coloring until it looked right.  (Dying frosting is not really an exact science, no matter what the back of the food coloring box says about "parts" and Arabic numerals)

With one tube of Betty Crocker Writing Gel, you can decorate 12 1-Up mushrooms.  And after you've exhausted your one tube of white writing gel, you can turn to fun and exciting things like "rolling little balls of icing with that old tube you found in the cupboard.  And then, once you realize that Plan B is kind of awful, there's sprinkles!

My other vision was to make round sugar cookies into Mario coins.

Here's Kate's Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Recipe:

  • Buy Place and Bake sugar cookies--not Slice and Bake.  You don't have time for that bullshit.
  • Drive home.
  • Open package.
  • Place cookies on cookie sheet.
  • Cook for 10 minutes at 350 degrees
Baking the cookies went well.  Coloring the frosting went well (mostly yellow with a little bit of red to get a golden color).  Making the cookies look like coins led to the sort of results I wish I could blame on a child because then it would be adorable.

So, naturally I made one Batman cookie and then decided that decorating cookies was for chumps.

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