Friday, March 5, 2010

Eyes faster than my hands

If wanting to make a cross stitch of Darth Vader that says "WHO'S YOUR DADDY" is wrong, I'm not sure why I phrased that as "if".

Other than giggling moronically at how hilarious I am, tonight's other procrastination project involves playing with my Sublime Stitching Craft Pad.  (Which is currently 60% and super-saver shipping eligible at Amazon)  This also involves moronically giggling, but then nearly all of my craft projects do.  

My only objection to the Craft Pad is the cursive alphabet.  The letters are printed like you'd see in a kid's workbook which makes sense for teaching upper- and lowercase cursive letters, but sucks when you're trying to cut them out.

I really shouldn't be starting another project (let alone two) until I get some serious work done on Unfinished Project Mountain.  Which is really more of a mountain chain that, with some help from my mother's inability to finish projects, extends from the southernmost end table to Computer Valley.  (Simonsens: Proving there's a connection between creativity and slovenliness)  And I'm telling you the vastness of Unfinished Project Mountain to assure you that the cat only sleeps on part of it.  For example, my project from Michelle is carefully guarded.

All of these wrinkles have been lovingly handmade.  I'm holding off on the backstitch (which is going to be a real bear to do all at once) so I don't have to risk it coming loose while I'm working on the other side of the piece.  (Hoops are like the chardonnay of cross stitch.)

I've been working on Octopus's Garden longer (and having to fold more and larger areas in my left hand), so that could account for some of the wrinkles, but a lot of them are because the cat decided to show me who's boss by sleeping on it.  Or because Zoot likes to sit next to me on the couch and I have a learning disability that makes me unable to distinguish between the couch and a reasonable place to store one's needlework (I'm assuming it's at least partially to remind me who's boss.)

I keep telling myself I'm going to push through and finish this one, and I keep finding out that there's more left than I thought there was.  I'm also deliberately avoiding finishing the bottom border because it is going to be boring and potentially inconvenient (one stitch every six squares, which is more than you should really carry the thread across, but such a pain to keep weaving in and out.  You should know that a smart person would probably have done those stitches first, then used the more connected pattern to hold the threads in.)

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