Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*~Busy little bee...

Finally finished Octopus's Garden, thus proving that I am capable of actually completing an Ink Circles pattern.

Now I just need to get back to work on Cirque des Cercles.  Just as soon as I finish AUD, undisclosed needlework project, and my hilarious Darth Vader pattern (which is coming along pretty quickly)

As part of my rocking SPRING BREAK, I'm also finishing up those pot holders for Etsy and starting to make the listings.

I'm having a hard time with the Legend of Zelda one, which you'd think would be fairly easy (since I've already done two for Steven.)  But I haven't been able to find the gold colored wool at any of my local craft stores--so I don't know if I have enough to finish up the words--and I'm not really happy with the way some of the letters look so far.

Here's what the LoZ pot holder looked like before felting, and then a group shot of all of them after their magical journey through the washer and dryer.

I've found that hot soaking/cold rinse in the sink does have a different effect than running them through a hot/cold delicates cycle.

I think this is the first batch I've started by putting through the washer instead of soaking in the sink.

I'm trying to decide if I should list "Bake It So, #1!" or give it to certain discerning relatives.  They could share it.  Like sitcom teenagers working out some sort of insane car sharing plan.  And they're both in NC, so it sort of works.

Engineering Logo and Plain have both already been listed.  I'd like to get Legend of Zelda up before Spring Break ends (since I'm pretty sure it's not going to get done once I'm back in class and having to learn me a book every few days).

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