Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Tetris

My brother-in-law has been carrying his DS in a sock.  Not one of those sleeves referred to as a sock--an actual sock.

When I had my iPod Mini, I also briefly used an actual sock as an off brand iSock.  I was eventually shamed into something better, and my iPod Mini spent most of its 5 years in a nice silicone case.

My brother-in-law, however, is like unto the honey badger.  He's also difficult to shop for or at least difficult to shop for in comparison to the Kristen.  Before any major gift giving event I usually have to remind myself that I've already acquired a small pile of pink things, things with owls on them, and pink owls.

The plan: make a DS case that looks like a Gameboy Color.  I have chosen the Gameboy Color because it came in green, and I'm not making NES shit for someone born in 1984.  (And stop buying things with cassette tapes on them, you damn kids!  You wouldn't think they were so damn cool if you'd actually had to use them.)

The Look At How Retro I Am DS Case is similar in design to the Kate Kindle Kozy: one long strip.  The felt screen, D-pad, and button buttons were added before stitching up the sides of the case.

The DS is held in with a button and loop.  The button, uh, doesn't quite match the yarn, but I assumed Steven wouldn't notice that until my dear sister announced it during gift opening.

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